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Department Of Electrical Engineering

Mr.B.M. Nayak

Head Of Department

Dear Friends,

Electrical engineering is the power Department of the Arvind Gavali College of Engineering. The department has all UGC approved faculty members. Also department has well equipped laboratories. With the growing demand of Electrical Engineers in the Government and private sectors, the Department is making best efforts to produce highly trained and capable engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world. The quality of academic instructions, conduct guidelines and college activities are designed to produce competent and successful engineers. In the Department, the focus is on preparing professional engineers.

Academic standards and practical work are the two key parameters. To execute this parameter the department has taken the Initiatives to provide industrial work exposure by sending the students for training to make them fit for future professional challenges. This orientation has led to successful projects and trainings.

For extra curriculum activities, Departmental association (SAEE) has been established by the students. This association conducts various technical and cultural events regularly. Digitized Learning Environment is provided to our students through MOODLE.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today...!!! "

-Mr.B.M. Nayak,


Our Vision

To be prominent institution by imparting skill based and value added quality education that creates professional technocrats and responsible entrepreneurs for accomplishment of socio-econo-techno needs by conserving environment.


Our Mission

• To enhance functional and behavioral competencies in aspiring technocrats.

• To prepare and educate the students for effective decision making through continual improvement leading to dynamic careers and bright future.

• To create awareness for enriching the environment by socially acceptable innovations and development for better tomorrow.

Welcome To Electrical Department

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Program Educational Objective

  • 1. Students will have fountainhead knowledge in mathematics, scientific and engineering fundamentals to formulate, solve and analyze technical problems to prepare them for higher quality studies as well as research and innovations.

  • 2. Student will have an excellent academic ambience of collaborative learning through continually upgrading the curricula and effective demonstration in multidisciplinary fields such as design, testing, industrial oriented programs to build confidence and entrepreneur skills.

  • 3. Students will exhibit professional, ethical attitude and ability to relate engineering to broader environmental and social contest through lifelong learning education.

Program Outcomes

  • 1. An ability to acquire in depth knowledge of mathematics, science and engineering fundamentals with adapting to rapidly changing technology.

  • 2. An ability to design and conduct experiments as well as analyze complex engineering problems.

  • 3. Develop and apply appropriate techniques to meet desired specification within realistic constraints.

  • 4. Perform investigations and conduct experiments to interpret the results with valid conclusions.

  • 5. Use modern engineering tools and techniques necessary for wide area of electrical engineering practices.

  • 6.The broad education necessary to understand contextual knowledge to asses social, health, safety, legal and cultural issues for sustainable development of society.

  • 7. To understand the impact of engineering with accurate solutions on environment.

  • 8. Understanding of professional and ethical responsibility.

  • 9. An ability to function effectively as an individual and as a member of leader in a diverse team to manage projects in multidisciplinary settings.

  • 10. An ability to communicate effectively to exchange the information properly.

  • 11. Students will demonstrate effective application of project techniques and finance management skill.

  • 12. Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in independent and lifelong learning.

Faculty Profile

  • Name - Mr.B.M. Nayak.

  • Designation -Head Of Department

  • Experience - 10 Years

  • Qualification - M.Tech

  • Research Area - Power Electronics & Electrical Drivers

  • Email Id -

  • Name - Mr. Basavaraj G. N..

  • Designation -Assistant Professor

  • Experience - 3 Years

  • Qualification - M.Tech

  • Research Area - Power Electronics

  • Email Id -

  • Name - Ms.Gaikwad V. V..

  • Designation -Assistant Professor

  • Experience - 5.5 Years

  • Qualification - ME

  • Research Area - Power System

  • Email Id -

  • Name - Mr. Somesha N.R..

  • Designation -Assistant Professor

  • Experience - 2 Years

  • Qualification - M.Tech

  • Research Area -

  • Email Id -

  • Name - Mr. Devendrappa L.

  • Designation -Assistant Professor

  • Experience - 4 Years

  • Qualification - M.Tech

  • Research Area - Micro electronics and control system

  • Email Id -

  • Name - Mr. Kirtikudve K..

  • Designation -Lab Assistant

  • Experience - 8 Years, 4 Industry

  • Qualification - ITI Electrician

  • Research Area -

  • Email Id -

  • Name - Mr.Shaikh A. A..

  • Designation -Lab Assistant

  • Experience - 8 Years 4 Industry

  • Qualification - Electrical Diploma

  • Research Area -

  • Email Id -

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