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Mr. S.P. Patil


Dear Friends,

Mechanical engineering is the Core Department of the Arvind Gavali College of Engineering. The department has all UGC approved faculty members. Department has well equipped laboratories.

With the growing demand of Mechanical Engineers in the Government and private sectors, the Department is making best efforts to produce highly trained and capable engineers who can take up the challenges of the real world.

The quality of academic instructions, conduct guidelines and college activities are designed to produce competent and successful engineers. In the Department, the focus is on preparing professional engineers.

As far as the Department is concerned, academic standards and practical work are the two key parameters. To execute this parameter the department has taken the Initiatives to provide industrial work exposure by sending the students for training to make them fit for future professional challenges.

For the extra curriculum activities, Departmental association (MESA) has been established by the students. This association conducts various technical and cultural events regularly.

"Nothing is impossible for Mechanical Engineers with Skill Oriented Knowledge."

-Mr.Patil S.P.


Our Vision

To revolutionize personality of the individual and ingrain global standard disciplines by developing our students into professional technocrats and socially responsible engineers as well as entrepreneurs.


Our Mission

• To develop students with knowledge, attitude and skill of employability by keeping pace with regional, national and global needs.

• To inculcate the research culture amongst the students through various Research & Development activities as well as skill development courses along with practical focused curriculum.

• To provoke the student for developing socio-econo-techno projects which will help to enhance the growth of the society through the entrepreneurship by conserving the environment?

Welcome To Mechanical Department

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Program Educational Objective

  • 1. Graduates will apply knowledge gained in engineering and science to improve lives and livelihoods through a successful career in Mechanical Engineering and other related fields.

  • 2. Graduates will become innovators, entrepreneurs to address social, technical and business challenges.

  • 3. Graduates will engage in lifelong learning such as higher studies, research and other continuous professional development activities.

Program Outcomes

  • 1. An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science and mechanical engineering.

  • 2. An ability to design and conduct experiments to analyze and interpret data.

  • 3.An ability to design a system, component, or process to meet desired needs within realistic constraints such as economic, environmental, social, political, ethical, health and safety, manufacturability and sustainability.

  • 4.An ability to function in multi-disciplinary teams.

  • 5.An ability to identify, formulate and solve mechanical engineering problems..

  • 6. Responsiveness towards professionalism and ethics.

  • 7. An ability to communicate effectively.

  • 8. Broad education necessary to understand the impact of mechanical engineering solution in a global and societal context.

  • 9. Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engross in lifelong learning.

  • 10. Knowledge of contemporary issues affecting technical fields.

  • 11. An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern engineering tools such as computer aided design, analysis & simulation tools necessary for engineering practices.

  • 12. An ability to lead and motivate a team for accomplishment of task.

  • 13. An ability to demonstrate the knowledge of engineering and management principles and apply these to manage the projects and its financial aspects.

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