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Alumni message

To provide alumni with resources, relationships and opportunities that help them make contributions of immediate and enduring value.

The Alumni website will serve as a powerful communication tool for enhancing the ties between the Alumni, its members and AGCE Group of Institutes. The launching of the website will be the first step of series of communications between AGCE and the extended family of alumni and friends.

One of the primary objectives of the Alumni website is to encourage the building of rapport, networking among us and most importantly for us to keep in close touch with your and our activities. Let the exchange of information be for the benefit of the AGCE Group of Institutes, those who were once here like you our Alumni, and also the present students.

We would appreciate your proposals and suggestions for events and activities for the Alumni Group and would love to learn more of your achievements and how you can help us and the AGCE Group of Institutes for you.

The success of the Alumni Group will depend on the support and contributions of members. You will be a part of the AGCE family the day you register with us, now we want to ensure that you remain and be a happy member of the AGCE family as our Alumni. Thank you for visiting the Alumni and Friends website. Please re-visit this site often for updates on alumni news and events.

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